FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

We all love live sport and music events and judging by the thousands of you who support your favourite football, rugby, cricket (domestic and national teams), all relish the opportunity to watch your teams play in stadiums globally.

Whatever you may view the recent FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, there is no better reflection than one of being there.

We brought an international, qualified team from UK, Europe, South America and from within Qatar to manage over 1000 stewards and security for 11 Team Training grounds, 2 Fan Zones and a competition stadium at the FIFA World Cup. Working long hours, taking  time for recovery and in the meantime careful management. The health and safety of our workforce is just as important as the safety and security of our spectators.

A question I will often ask my Level 4 candidates when assessing them is; "Do you know the competency and training/qualification attainment of your safety and security teams for today's event? If you are visited today by your local licensing authority and/or SGSA can you prove this? Can you say this for your supplied staff from contractors? How have you planned your briefing schedules to ensure everyone at each layer and level of safety management for today's events knows what is expected of them at all stages of the event including contingency action/response?"

I will continue to promote and support to my best to ensure that we have the most skilled, competent safety and security workforce possible. Who's with me?