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Steve, having had a wide and varied police career, now provides safety and security guidance and training to clients in the security and event industries. Having gained a BA(Hons) degree in Crowd Sciences, he is also a qualified Safety Officer supporting venues in UK and internationally and an experienced crowd safety specialist. We can ensure you have the best support for your event and venue.


Being strategic doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about taking some time to step back, do your research, get everyone on the same page so you can make smarter decisions together. We have nine steps to help position you as a leader in strategic events.

This includes identifying you unique needs and priorities and document them for reference. What are your biggest concerns? What areas of the program warrant your input and support? Moving forward, you’ll know who to seek input from and keep informed throughout the event planning process.


We provide a menu of training for event, security and policing solutions.

Whether you needs training in for volunteers, crowd safety stewards, their supervisors or safety and security management, we have the apropriate course to suit your needs.


You have a comprehensive file of safety and compliance documentation, but how do you know that the aims, intentions and methodology work operationally?

How have you tested success? Do you know how your staff will react in an emergency situation? Have your trained and practiced for severe occurences? 

Our team can support you by firstly evaluating the scope and purpose of your operartional safety and security planning, then test and audit your preparedness.


With over 30 years experince in policing large crowded events, we can provide qualified crowd safety officers to oversee the safe and secure operations at your venue.

From established sporting and entertainment venues to green field sites, the safe operating of the site is essential for the safety of your visitors. From strategic planning to the day of your event all aspects of safety and security can be provided for you by our team of safety professionals.