Strategy and Planning

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Strategy and Planning


While we’ve summarised how to approach events more strategically with these 9 steps, it’s also useful to realise that any one of the steps will be helpful. This isn’t an all-or-nothing approach and doesn’t even need to be linear. We will start with consultation to find the best place to begin.

  • Existing Strategies, actions and measures

  • Purposes , values and vision

  • Business planning

  • Evaluation


Approaching your event program strategically allows you to be more proactive, navigate organisational challenges and drive greater value to the business. It helps you deliver more impactful experiences and achieve greater efficiencies within your organisation.

Being strategic doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about taking some time to step back, do your research, get everyone on the same page so you can make smarter decisions together. Here are the steps to help position you as a leader in strategic events.

We can guide you and work with you following our 9 point plan.

1. Understanding your organisation

2. Learn your brand

3. Focus on the audience

4. Work closely as your consultant to the business

5. Make data informed decisions

6. Provide standardised tools

7. Share best practice

8. Measure event effectiveness

9. Communicate, assess, review and evolve regularly